Truss Miracle Deep Reconstruction Fluid Treatment 500ml/16.90 fl.oz

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Truss Miracle Deep Reconstruction Treatment Fluid 500ml/16.90 fl.oz

Truss Miracle Deep Reconstruction - Treatment Fluid has an incredible formula with the action of Carob Vegan Sap, which is native to Mediterranean countries. It has high performance due to the combination of peptides and biofunctional amino acids, with biomimetic action that replenishes the proteins and amino acids needed by the hair, resulting in greater resistance to breakage, improved combing, reduced frizz and intense hydration.

Proven results of reduced breakage in 87% of the cases and increased hair diameter by more than 8% in a single application. Positive Bioactive, which is a unique system of amino acids in the composition of the hair fiber that acts intelligently in all phases of the cuticle and interface with the cortex, allowing the hair fiber to return to its natural behavior, with extra protection against future damage. It has an exclusive action against excessive elasticity, besides the internal and external restructuring of the hair fiber, being a complete regenerating treatment against breakage.


Shake before use, sprinkle on wet hair, length and ends, and brush for 10 to 15 minutes or until the lock is practically dry. Do not rinse and finish as desired.


Gives hair mass, strength, elasticity, softness, better combing, protection, reconstruction, shine, conditioning, lightness and health to hair.

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- 01 Truss Miracle Reconstruction Fluid Treatment 500ml/16.90 fl.oz