Truss Keratin Recovery Extreme 650ml/21.98 fl.oz

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Truss Keratin Reconstructor Recovery Extreme 650ml/21.98 fl.ozS

This reconstructor helps in the recovery of the interior and exterior of the hair fiber. It contains active ingredients with concentrated keratin that provide gradual reconstruction of the hair strands. Perfect for hair damaged by external and chemical aggressions.

It can be used in several processes that need a quick capillary recovery, reconstructing the inside (cortex) and outside (cuticles) of the hair fiber.


It can be used in several ways, as pre and post coloring or discoloration treatmentprotection: just apply it on dry hair. It can be used in small quantities, in the bleaching mixture.

It can also be used as a reconstructive brush: in this case, after cleaning the hair with a shampoo and conditioner of your choice, remove excess water and apply the product to the hair, spreading it evenly. Dry your hair with a hair dryer.


Recovery of the inside and outside of the hair fiber,
Reconstruction of hair strands.

Package Contents:

- 01 Truss Keratin Recovery Extreme Reconstructor 650ml/21.98 fl.oz 650ml/21.98 fl.oz

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