Truss Air.Libre Freehand Technique Bleaching Powder 500g/17.64 oz

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Truss Air.Libre Freehand Technique 500g/17.64 oz

Truss Air Libre Bleaching Powder is ideal for the freehand technique (outdoors - without laminated paper), providing natural lightening from two to five shades, depending on color and hair thickness. Its Dust-Free formula avoids inhalation of the powder by not dispersing residues during mixing. Exclusive Professional Use.

Contains Argan Oil: rare oil from Morocco, with reconstructive and moisturizing properties, revitalizes, controls frizz, improves flexibility, and makes hair softer. Enriched with Omega 6 (linoleic acid) and 9 (oleic acid). Because it is natural, its antioxidants and vitamins improve elasticity, provide luminous shine and help renew hair damaged by heat, wind, oxidation or excessive brushing and chemical action.


Touch Proof: Prepare a little of the product as if you were going to use it and apply a small amount behind the ear or on the forearm, removing it after 20 minutes. Wait for a period of 24 hours. If skin irritation, burning sensation, or itching appears, the product may not be used, since hypersensitivity to the product has been proved.

The professional, taking into account the desired result, must make the time of action and the choice of the Volumage of the Oxygenated Water (10, 20, 30 or 40 vols.) Mix until a homogeneous cream is obtained in a non-metallic container. Apply it on clean and dry hair, using a brush. Wear suitable gloves. Rinse with plenty of water, then wash with TRUSS Bidimensional Shampoo and moisturize with TRUSS Intensive Nutrition.


Gray hair again and fully hydrated.

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- 01 Truss Air.Libre Freehand Technique Bleaching Powder 500g/17.64 oz