Silicon Mix

Silicon Mix Shampoo Moisturizing Dry Hair 236ml/7.9fl.oz

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Product Overview

Silicon Mix Shampoo Soft Cleaning Moisturizing for Dry and Damaged Hair 236ml/7.9fl.oz.

Silicon Mix Moisturizing Shampoo meets the needs of gentle and deep cleansing, thus removing product residues, excessive oiliness and dirt, preparing the strands to receive the treatment.

Its formula contains conditioning agents that protect the hair and promote balance and softness. Silicones, Keratin and Ceramides, which provide protection, shine and resistance to the hair.


Apply the Shampoo to the roots, massaging gently until it foams. Rinse and repeat the process if necessary.


Clean, shiny and ready for treatment.

Package Contents

- 01 Silicon Mix Moisturizing Shampoo 236ml/7.9fl.oz.