Madame Hair Treatment Efficient Oil Lysoplasty Kit

Kit Madame Hair Progressive Lisoplastia Treatment Efficient Oil 3x1Kg/3x32fl.oz


Madame Hair Lysoplasty is the first progressive brush in oil. Developed with the most efficient treatment oils, Madame Hair Lisoplasty gives hair a special smooth effect with a mirror shine and complete hair repair.

Contains: Anti-Waste Shampooo 01 Lysoplasty 1L/33.81fl.oz: It is made to clean hair from pollution, chemical processes, coloring and discoloration. Leaving the threads clean, malleable, helping to open the cuticle of the wires, preparing them for treatment.

Mask 02 1L/33.81fl.oz Lysoplasty: You balance the pH by rebuilding the hair's constituent fibers. Its function is to make the hair become soft and with cuticle aligned, reducing the frizz of the hair.

Sealant Mask 03 Lysoplasty 1Kg/33.81fl.oz: is indicated for all hair types. Recovers by cauterizing dry and damaged strands in the first application. Instantly untangle yarns providing intense vitality shine and frizz-aligned yarns.

Application: STEP 1- Apply the Anti-Residue Shampoo on damp hair for at least 2 times and in the last application leave it to stand for 15 minutes then rinse and dry the hair with a 90% dryer.

STEP 2- Use Hand Glove. Divide the hair into 4 parts and apply the Transparent Oil Mask in thin strands 1 cm away from the root (do not let it touch the scalp as it makes the brushing process difficult). Spread the product with a fine comb and spread all over the strand to the ends. When you are done applying the product to the first split part of the hair, dry that part 80% using cold air and alternating with warm air from the dryer and then brush the first part. Repeat the application on the other divided parts of the hair and do one part at a time.

After applying the product and brushing all the hair, separate the already brushed hair into 4 parts, in thin strands apply the roots to the board slowly until the total cuticle sealing (on average 8 to 10 times).

STEP 3- Let the hair rest for 30 minutes then wash the hair using only the Sealing Mask Step 3. Let the mask act for 10 minutes then rinse and dry the hair only with the air dryer.


Special smooth effect hair, mirror shine and complete hair repair.


We recommend that it be applied by a professional.

We recommend a lock of hair test before treatment.


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