Kit Pl‡stica dos Fios Magical Smooth and Conditioner

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Treatment Kit for unruly and unruly hair, with or without chemistry.Ideal also for use after treatment.Plastic Yarn Plastic Sealer, the Post-Sealing Plastic Yarn Kit penetrates the hair to deeply moisturize and nourish leaving hair soft, light and shiny longer. It recovers the structured strands by finely finishing and strengthening the hair fiber to prevent hair from straying, protecting moisture, solar beams and thermal heat. The hair is soft, shiny and silky every day.

Contains: Plástica dos Fios Shampoo 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Shampoo for unruly hair, with or without chemistry. Ideal for maintenance after heat sealing, it cleans gently while intensely regenerating and adds silkiness to the wires.

Plástica dos Fios Conditioner 300ml/10.14fl.oz: Conditioner for unruly, unruly hair, with or without chemistry. Promotes immediate rebuilding, ensuring increasingly hydrated, disciplined and frizz-free yarns.

Plástica dos Fios Smooth Magic 215ml/7.27fl.oz: Smooth effect thermoactive treatment for all hair types. Cadiveu Professional Yarn Plastic Smooth Magic Gradual Smooth Serum ensures a smooth with memory effect.

Action: Acai Extract: Rich in nutrients such as Vitamins, Essential Sugars and Emollient Oils. Its antioxidant and protective action promotes a complete regeneration of the hair, efficiently and prolonged hydration. Amino acids: balance the structure of the wires from aggressions caused by the excessive use of dryers and flat iron. Increases its suppleness and elasticity, leaving hair softer and extremely easy to comb. Phytonutrients: Nourish and protect hair, helping to regenerate damaged and worn parts.

Application: Apply Post-Sealing Plastic Hair Shampoo over damp hair and massage gently. Rinse well. Repeat the operation if necessary.

After washing your hair with the Plastic Yarn Sealing Shampoo, apply the Plastic Yarn Sealing After Conditioner over damp hair, massaging gently. Let it act for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Aplique uma pequena quantidade de primers de lavagem de fios de plástico nos cabelos úmidos e lavados, modelando conforme desejado. Pode ser usado antes do secador, prancha ou modelador. Se preferir, também pode deixá-lo secar naturalmente.


Seu cabelo está profundamente recuperado, hidratado, nutrido e com efeito anti-frizz prolongado.

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