Kit Let Me Be Progressive Protein + Btox Pro Repair 500ml/16.90fl.oz

14.00 (cm)
32.00 (cm)
14.00 (cm)

Brush Let Me Be without single step formaldehyde was developed with a new technology capable of restoring and preventing the aging of the wires in a single application step, in addition to dispensing the prewash. For being organic 0% formaldehyde does not cause any nuisance does not have smell and neither does the eyes burn.

The Let Me Be Pro Repair Mask mask is rich in coconut oil, keratin, collagen and high performance conditioning polymer, which under thermal activation restores extremely damaged yarns.

Contains: Progressive Let Me Be Protein Smoothing Straight Hair Without Formol 1 Liter/33.81fl.oz: We have a unique and exclusive formulation developed with a blend of amino acids and proteins that in synergy give the result of smoothing.

Let Me Be Btox Capillary Pro Repair Ultra Mask Reduces Volume 500g/16.90fl.oz: helps promote rebuilding and intense nourishment of hair by giving hair much brighter, smoother, aids in volume reduction and control of frizz.

Application: Divide the hair into four parts. Starting at the nape of the neck, apply the product across the length of the hair, wick to wick with a brush and comb. Wait approximately 40 minutes, depending on the thickness and degree of porosity of the yarn.

Lavar e extrair de 30% a 40% do produto. Mancha 100% dos fios apenas com o secador e as mãos (sem o uso de uma escova). Enrole mechas finas 10 a 15 vezes com a prancha a 230ºC. Lave os cabelos e aplique um condicionador ou máscara hidratante.

Aplique a máscara de reparo Let Me Be Pro em mechas de cabelo secas ou úmidas, sobre qualquer comprimento de fio. Deixe um tempo de 40 minutos. Enxágüe, seque 100% e divida o cabelo em mechas. Colher e prancha em mechas finas. Lave e seque para terminar. Dica: Aconselhamos que o uso do produto seja realizado por um profissional.


Promove suavidade e restauração dos fios, reduzindo o volume e eliminando o frizz.