Kit Haskell CBA Amazonian Shampoo Conditioner and Treatment Mask Hair Tonic Multifunctional Oil

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Kit Haskell CBA Amazonian hydrates & strengthens Shampoo 1 L/ 33.8fl.oz; + Conditioner 1 L/ 33.8fl.oz; + Treatment Mask 1 Kg/ 33.8fl.oz; + Hair Tonic 120mlML/4.05 flz.oz+ Multifunctional Oil 35ML/4.05 flz.oz

The Haskell Kit Amazon CBA line has the characteristics of improving the health of the scalp, providing comfort and relaxation.

CBA (Cannabinoid Active System) is a legal and safe alternative to CBD (cannabidiol) oil. It promotes intensive hair hydration and stimulates healthy growth from root to tip.

With an antioxidant effect the CBA Hair Tonic prevents premature aging of the hair. Promoting a healthy growth and intensive hydration.


- On wet hair, use the shampoo, gently massaging the scalp in circular movements. Remove all the product with abundant water. If necessary, repeat the application.

- Use the conditioner on the entire length of the hair up to the tips. Massage gently and leave applied for 1 minute. Remove all the product with plenty of water.
The use of the conditioner is necessary after the treatment masks, to provide greater sealing of the cuticles.

Soon after washing your hair, apply the mask distributing lock by lock, from length to ends. Massage gently and leave applied for 3 to 5 minutes. If you prefer, use a thermal cap. Rinse well and remove all the cream residue from the hair.

To finish the process, apply the tonic to wet or dry hair, gently massaging in rotating movements, no need to rinse.

For a better result, let the Multifunctional Oil act overnight.

Highly moisturized, emollient and healthy hair.

Package Contents
- 01 Amazonian CBA Shampoo 1 L/ 33.8fl.oz;
- 01 Amazonian CBA Conditioner 1 L/ 33.8fl.oz;
- 01 Amazon CBA Treatment Mask 1 Kg/ 33,8fl.oz;
- 01 Amazonian CBA Multifunctional Oil 35ML / 1,18 fl.oz;
- 01 Hair Tonic Amazon CBA 120ML / 4.05 flz.oz

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