Kit Cadiveu Liso Magico + Plástica Dos Fios Primer + Sos

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Leave-in for all types of hair.Caddivided Professional Hair Remedy SOS Serum 15 in 1 perfectly completes the hair giving 15 extra benefits.

Multifunction, Cadiveu Professional Hair Remedy SOS Serum 15 in 1 provides a variety of hair care: repair, nutrition, strength, dampness, anti-frizz action, thermal protection, saddle cuticles, detangling, sun protection, intense shine, softness, lightness, facilitates brushing, prevents the appearance of split ends and promotes the rejuvenation of the hair.


Cadiveu Hair Remedy Sos Serum 15 in 1 Leave-in 150ml: perfectly shaves the hair giving 15 extra benefits.

Cadiveu Magic Smooth Plastic Yarn 215ml: Smooth effect thermoactive treatment for all hair types. Cadiveu Professional Yarn Plastic Smooth Magic Gradual Smooth Serum ensures a smooth with memory effect.

Cadiveu Plastic Yarn Primer Leave-in 110ml: 5-benefit treatment in one product for progressive maintenance. The Yarn Primer Primer prepares hair for styling and fights frizz.

Application: Sos Serum: Apply the SOS Hair Remedy Cadveuno Leave-in Serum to wet lengths and ends and finish as desired.

Magic Smooth: Spray on damp, clean hair from root to tip. Proceed with the usual brushing. Pass the board through each strand of hair. Tip: Use daily on all brushes to stimulate your memory effect.

Primer: Apply a small amount of Plastic Yarn Wash-inPrimers over washed and damp hair, styling as desired. Can be used before dryer, plank, or modeler. If you prefer, you can also let it dry naturally.


Hair repaired, protected, healthy, soft and extremely beautiful

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