G. Hair Brush Kit Perfect Blond German (3x1 Liter/3x33.81fl.oz.)

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Specially developed by experts and consecrated by professionals, Ghair Progressive Brush Perfect Blond is an cosmetic product Authorized by Anvisa, developed to reduce the volume and soften effectively. Ideal to be used by people with blond hair, natural or not, with locks or gray, as it has an exclusive formula that does not fade the color of the strands.

Perfect Blond Progressive Brush Ghair is a powerful volume reduction treatment. It smoothes and controls the volume of the hair between 75% and 100%!

In addition, it acts in a reconstructive and moisturizing way, tinting blond hair. During the process, a protective film is created, which makes the strands more resistant and much more flexible!

Ghair German Brush Perfect Blond Deep Cleansing Shampoo 250ml - Step 1: deep cleansing shampoo indicated to treat and clean hair with residues caused by pollution, chemical processes, coloring and discoloration, leaving the hair clean, soft and malleable. Cleans and helps to open the scales and cuticles of the strands, leaving the hair ready for hair treatment.

Ghair German Brush Perfect Blond Treatment Anti Volume 250ml - Step 2: the product helps in the replacement of keratin in dry and damaged hair, making them soft and malleable. Its formulation has the exclusive active Hidrahair DNA, which protects the hair, providing a repairing and conditioning effect, in addition, reduces the volume of the hair, seals the cuticles and aligns the hair.

Ghair Brush German Perfect Blond Conditioner 250ml - Step3: the conditioner provides high hydration, balances the pH, promotes the closing of the cuticles, guarantees a special effect for chemical finishing neutralizing alkalinity residues, preventing the hair from becoming brittle and fragile.

Its exclusive formula, based on Keratin and Wheat Germ Oil, which, associated with the bioactive substances present, smoothly recover the fragile strands, providing shine, elasticity and a perfectly natural and lasting smooth effect. It also seals the cuticles, aligns the strands and reduces the volume without changing the color of the hair.

Keratin: acts in a reconstructive, moisturizing and strengthening way while wrapping the hair with a protective film, which makes it more resistant and gives it more elasticity.

Wheat Germ Oil: recovers hair, providing softness, volume reduction, flexibility and radiant shine.

Try G. HAIR GERMAN BRUSH PERFECT BLOND 3X1 Liter and see the results.