Escova Progressiva 100% Orgânica Vegan Hair Prolisse 2x1l/33,81fl.oz

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Progressive Brush 100% Organic Vegan Hair Prolisse Straightening Shampoo Active Treatment 2x1l/33,81fl.oz


Vegan Hair Prolisse is constantly used and indicated by professions for having an incredible result using in its composition less chemicals, and providing result without generating discomfort or bringing danger to the scalp.

It is extremely important to emphasize that the product can be applied on any kind of hair, does not fade the color, and provides a uniformity and hydration of the hair with greater durability, leaving your hair more beautiful for much longer.

Wash your hair with the Anti-residue Shampoo;
Dry your hair 100%;
Apply step 2 with a fine comb evenly over the entire length of the hair;
Let rest for 30 minutes, rinse from 80 to 100% of the product only with running water, 
Then dry 100% with the dryer and finish with the board, 15 to 20 times per wick.

Hair aligned, recovered and hydrated.

Package contents
- 01 Shampoo
- 01 Active treatment

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