Cadiveu Professional Smooth Magic Plastica dos Fios 215ml/7.27 fl.oz

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Smooth effect thermoactive treatment for all hair types. Cadiveu Professional Plastica dos Fios Magic Smooths Gradual Serum ensures a straight hair with beautiful memory effect.

Cadiveu Professional Plastic the smooth Magic wires gradual Smooth Serum brings innovative formula that penetrates the yarn to ensure lasting benefits such as: smooth effect - thermal protection - fast drying - frizz reduction - repair split ends - clearance - soft touch - brightness intense. 

Shinesilk: forming a protective film against the heat up to 230° C. 
Acai: intensely nourishes the wires to revitalize its integrity and restore hair health. 
Softliss: it has memory effect that promotes alignment and discipline of the hair strands to a lasting smooth.

Try Cadiveu Professional Smooth Magic Plastica dos Fios 215ml and see the results.

Application: Spray to damp and clean hair from root to tip. Proceed with the usual brushing. Pass the board in each strand of hair. Tip: Use daily in all brushing to stimulate your memory effect.

Tip: For best results use along with the rest of the line Plástica dos Fios.


A perfect straight lined protected and free of frizz.

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