BRK Hair Restructurer and Straightener 500ML / 16.90fl.oz + Alcohol Gel 300ml / 10.1fl.oz

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Contains: BRK Hair Restructuring, was developed with a complex hair defrizzer, which act in synergy on the hair, dispenses the use of anti-residue shampoo. The defrizzer complex enters in the hairs without needing to damage them with ph alkaline shampoo. With a single step you perform an intensive hair reconstruction treatment. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair and gives it an incredible shine, strengthening the hair structure and avoiding breakage.

BRK Pharma Alcohol Antiseptic Gel for Hands 70%: Antiseptic Gel 70% hand sanitizer, with moisturizing action, used to sanitize hands keeping them clean and free of bacteria. Eliminates germs and bacteria instantly, moisturizing the hands. Practical economic package that facilitates the application, can be taken in the bag and even in the car, dispenses the use of water and towels. Leaves hands hygienized, soft and refreshing.

Application: click a small amount on the palm of your hands and rub it all over the palm, back, wrist, between the fingers and fingertips until the product is dry.


Progressive Application:

1 - Apply the product directly without washing the hair throughout the extension of the hair respecting the scalp. Obs: Only wash the hair if it is "very dirty" with normal shampoo of lavatory (never with anti-residue).

2- With the applied product align the hair with a comb. The minimum break time is 40 minutes for fine hair and 50 to 60 minutes for medium to thick hair (including Afro).

3- Rinse hair abundantly with cold water only (rub/friction/massage scalp and hair as if washing with shampoo) leaving on average 15% to 20% of the product on the hair. The hair will not present evident signs of straightening after the rinse, wait for the finishing to evaluate the degree of straightening.

4- Brush directly on the humid hair, not reducing the humidity of the hair with a hair dryer before doing the brush, which should be very well done, in locks of approximately the thickness of a finger, already modeling the hair (Note: the reconstructor is the one who will give straight form to the hair, therefore, do not reduce the humidity of the hair with a hair dryer so that it does not alter the final result).

5- Then board the hair 5 to 7 times per lock, in resistant hair 10 to 15 times per lock at a temperature of 230º C in fine lock slowly, until obtaining more shine, finishing the process.


Nourished and moisturized hair with much more shine, aligned and straight.

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