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American Desire Progressive Star Smoth Argan Oil Treatment 2000ml/67.6 fl.oz

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American Desire Progressiva Star Smoth Shampoo 1000ml/33.81 fl.oz + Straightening 1000ml/33.81 fl.oz

Developed for straightening, American Desire's Star Progressive Brush Volume Reducer promotes a total realignment of the hair fiber, leaving it completely smooth.

Its formula, with Argan Oil and Murumuru Butter, moisturizes, nourishes and softens the hair, controls volume and repairs dryness and damages.

In addition to realigning the fiber, moisturizing, nourishing and softening, it gives intense shine, seals the cuticles, and improves the appearance of dry or brittle hair.

The Star Smoth Deep Cleansing Shampoo removes all residues and purifies the strands, preparing your hair for the next step.

The Reducer Star Smoth Treatament, eliminates frizz on the first application, has essential assets for a complete recovery and nourishment of the wires.


Apply the Star Smoth Deep Cleansing Shampoo Step 1 on wet hair, massaging gently to obtain abundant foam.

Rinse and dry 90% of the hair.

Apply Star Smoth Treatment Step 2 Reducer and leave applied for 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the intensity of the straightness you wish to achieve.

Remove 80% of the product from the hair under running water and pre-dry 50%.
Brush and then separate the hair into 4 parts.

Apply the iron, at least 6 times on each lock and finish as desired.


Clean and nourished hair, totally straightened, with a surreal shine and soft strands.

Package Contents

- 01 American Desire Stars Smoth Cleansing Shampoo 1000ml
- 01 American Desire Stars Smoth Anti-Frizz Treatment 1000ml

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